Sunday, February 26, 2012

The First Time He Spanked me.

So almost a year ago now was my fist spanking as an adult, from my step dad.  Before he moved in my mom and I sat down and she explained how things would be after he got settled.  At first, I was kinda scared of him because I just saw him as a old guy moving in to order us around and punish us at will. 

Before he moved in though he would come over so we could all meet and do things to get to know each other.  I quickly discovered, I suppose the first time I met him, that he was an ok dude.  So my mom explained that he was, or would be, or is I guess the head of the house now and what he says goes.  When she explained that the punishment would be getting spanked I kinda just thought ok.  I know that sounds strange but I didn't think good or bad about it.

So I went on the net and put in "spank for real" and I got pages of adult sites with spanking videos.  But, not far down from the top was a blog called Spank her 4 real and I clicked that and wow.  This guy did spank for real.  He had pictures and a commentary about spanking his daughter Rose because she brought alcohol in the house.

My whole body got hot as I read the entry and viewed Roses naked bottom getting spanked.  God, I couldn't believe my reaction.  It was like I wanted to get spanked now.  Does that sound fucked up?  It was something about someone else and real man I guess pulling down my panties and not me.  A kind of giving up control and being controlled that just got me hot.

Then I discovered a short clip of Rose getting spanked was on a site called spanking tube.  I guess for about the first week i discovered the clip I watched it a couple times a day.  So back to my step dad.  By this time we had all sat down and he explained that some things were going to change, like the house was going to get cleaner and that i had to pick up my room too.  OMG I was 19 and had to keep my room clean according to "his" specifications?   At first I was kinda pissed but that night when I started watching Rose get her bottom blistered I put myself in her position, so to speak, and fantasized that I was getting spanked for not cleaning my room.  That was it!  I realized that if I didn't clean my room it would lead to a spanking.

I was taking a big chance though.  What if it simply hurt like hell and wasn't what I fantasized it would be like?  So he laid down a few rules and one of them was that by Saturday at noon my room had to be clean.  Mom warned me that she had been spanked more than a few times already and that it wasn't fun.  When I asked a few questions about her spankings and she told me the spankings would always be on my bare bottom I almost had an orgasm and was out ragged at the same time.  When the reality was starting to hit that a bare bottomed spanking would actually happen it seemed like it took forever for Saturday at noon to arrive.

That Saturday I made a point to be back around 2 in the afternoon with the hope and fear that he had inspected my room at noon sharp and didn't like what he saw.  I got home about 2:30 and no one was there.  I started chickening out and got busy on cleaning up my room anyway.  I had laundry to do and while I searched for dirty clothes in my room I cleaned it too.

They got back about 6 that Saturday and had bought some DVDs to watch.  I'll never forget that night.  Mom went into the kitchen to start making snacks to eat for movie night and my step dad to be sat on the couch and began explaining what was going to happen.  He said he found my room unacceptable and asked me what he said would happen if it wasn't clean.  I didn't think he had noticed and I cleared my throat and said, "It's clean."  He told me not to play games with him and that at noon it was a mess and asked me again what did he say would happen.  I replied, "You said I'd get a spanking."

With no big speech or scolding he ordered me to stand up, walk to his side and pull down my pants and panties.  I stood up quick and dashed into the kitchen instead.  At first I thought he would chase me in there but didn't.  I totally chickened out and told mom I didn't want a spanking.  She said that if I didn't want a spanking I should have cleaned my room.  Fuck, she was right.  I had a pretty tight shirt on that only went to my belly button so if I pulled everything down he'd see my pussy too.  God that would have felt really weird then.  Mom told me to go in my bed room and put on a T-shirt that would cover me up a bit until after I was across his lap and to clean up in the bathroom first.  But, first I had to go back into the livingroom and tell him I'd be back but had to get ready.

About 20 minutes later I came out with only my bra and large T shirt on.  He was sitting on the end of the couch so I just walked up to his side and he ordered me over his lap.  When he lifted my shirt up to the middle of my waist to expose me and my ass I'm sure my face turned a bright red.  It wasn't long, a few seconds later, that I felt my butt beginning to turn a bright red.  God his hands where huge and it didn't take more than 3 or 4 smacks for me to start crying.  Gees what a baby.   I think it lasted about 30 seconds or maybe a minute and it was over. 

I slid off his lap and knelt on the floor crying.  What surprised me though was that he told me to give him a hug and as I did that's when he gave me a bit of a scolding and lecture.  I started crying more because I was actually really sorry that I disappointed him.  He was really the first man in my life who had any real authority over me and what did I do but disappoint him.  I didn't want to do that.  I actually wanted to see what a spanking was all about.

The rest of the evening went absolutely wonderful.  I realized when I went to bed that night how much that spanking had affected me.  God it was GREAT.


  1. Thank you for sharing that experience, I wish more girls/ladies/women could experience something similar to what you describe. It is something most of us need from time to time, glad you experience was positive. Looking to more posts from you!

  2. Awesome story. Listen, unlike you, I've fantasized about that since I was a kid. And by that I mean like 5 or 6. There is a whole psychosexual thing about it, and it has more layers than an onion. But regardless of how you got here, you did.

    I think you missed an opportunity. And from the guy perspective let me tell you which.

    Yes, I very much equate spanking with sex sometimes. It's amazing foreplay! More on that in a bit... But your step-dad is your Mom's boyfriend, and she was there, so it was pretty safe. When he told you to drop your panties, you should have not thought about it and done it. Yes he'd see your pussy... The fact that that's what was freaking you out only enhances the fact that when you surrendered to your punishment, you didn't entirely.

    I (flipping over, I'm a "top" but I think most of us are natural empaths because this is weird turf, it's not about harm and you need to be attuned to how much of what is needed) I just would have complied and disingeniously stood there waiting for the next instruction. "Get over my lap". Yes, you'd be total eye candy. Your Mom would have been going "God this is great! What's gotten into him?" that night. And you might have spent a couple langorous hours getting off with a warm bottom.

    See, the sex isn't always about the sex. And spanking isn't either necessarily. Here's what I've figured out... It's more about love than people would imagine. Him caring about you enough to resort to that, and you surrendering to that love in the knowledge that it relates to things about you you have to improve. You can consider the nudity as part of the realease you already knows accompanies. You did something wrong, you forfit modesty for the duration, take your spanking, get a hug, and feel the love.

    The trill goes both ways. Nothing actually sexual ensues. But the subtext is very charged.

    The only reason I say all this is because you're an adult. I'd never spank a kid. I'd resort to any other type of discipline because for me it is the hottest fucking thing on the planet. For a "spankee" to submit is the most sublime expression of love and trust...

    Now, as for sex with an actual partner... it is also the hottest form of foreplay I know. For much the same reasons. Since you've been to SpankingTube you know how variagated and multi-faceted a fascination it is for people. To me, in an escalating stream of erotic play, one of my favorite moments is when you take down your panties and stand there. We both know what the absence of barriers means. The intimacy of it, the meaning behind it, and what it portends ensues. You can freeze that moment, and it means nothing more than what it means, and all the stuff it also means.

    Anyway, welcome to our universe : ) Thanks for the story!

  3. By the way? I'm glad you cried. That's a huge cathartic relief. No wonder you think about it. It doesn't need to go there, but the more you need an escape valve...

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  5. What a fantastic story! :-)

  6. I don't mean to be contrary, but imho, spanking DOES NOT equal love. As a
    spanko, I love when my BF spanks me and he does spank hard, ex: the tawse; one of his favorites. But I don't confuse sexual excitement with love.
    However, sexual excitement and love can exist together, as in our relationship. But in the past, several guys have been very turned on by my bottom and some have gotten the opportunity, totally at MY aquiescence (and hot desire), to spank me hard and bare.
    Most of those, non love, spankings were thrilling and helped me get off.

  7. I like a real spanking like the kind that goes on until I am sobbing. I finally opened up to boyfriend of 8 month that I like spanking. So we tried a few times. He spanked me until he was comfortable a few time. Than he spanked me until I safe worded out a few times. He gave me a few timed 2 minutes hand spanking a few weeks later which was pretty good. But they were always over my cloths Than I told what I really wanted to try. Told him I wanted a very long no-nonsense real discipline punishment style spanking until I am crying beyond my ability to make words. I wanted to feel the trepidation of relinquish my safe word. To have no time limit, no swat limit, no protection. I wanted to feel the anticipation of slowly pushing my pants and panties down myself, not knowing when its going to stop or how many I was going to get. I want to try to experience the thrill and endorphins surge of making the choice, to feel adrenaline rush to will myself of staying in position and take it, no matter how bad it hurt until I was crying out of control and feel that cathartic emotional release. He was very reluctant at first and we talked about it for days. I wanted him to start off slower and build up so that that the spanking would last longer. At first he wasn’t wanting to because he was concerned welts and bruises. After telling him that I expected that. Its still took him over week before he realized I was serious. He finally decided to give it a try. We had to wait for his roommate to leave for the weekend. We got to his place. I slowly pushed my jeans and panties all the down my knees. He put me over his lap started spanking me with his hand really hard for a really long time. I mean after a good solid minute he began with those rapid fire smacks for another 3 while I was fluttering my feet like all get out. He finally let me up and I did that post spanking hop. I stiffened up, flew my hands over my ass as I pushed my hips forward and began rubbing frantically as I was hoping up and down. I was far from crying but I sure was fussing because that was the hardest and longest hand spanking I had ever got. After I calmed down enough stay in one place. He went to his room and came back a pillow. He pulled off his leather but fairly thin office belt doubled it half and asked me. “Ok, are you absolutely sure, no safe word, no time limit and no swat limit?” I respond with a yes. “Ok, that means I decide when this whippin stops not you, you sure that’s what you want, I mean it this belt spanking will continue until you are crying so hard you can’t make out words?” There I was jeans and panties down to ankles now. As I was still rubbing I looked directly into his eyes, I shuffled over and gently put my arms around him and hugged him. I gave him a long passainate kissed ever so gently and I and said, “Yes, please, I really do want to try this. So please don’t hold back but just start of slowly ok?” “You'll get quit a few before I finish you off. Remember, your safe word is nullified the moment you laid over couch. I laid over the arm of the couch after he gave me his bed pillow to hang on too. He started in hard and continuous about one whack per second and it just seem to go on and on. I was fussing and yelling quite a bit every time the belt came down. Than right no where he startes beating my ass really and really fast. It took my breath away. I shoved my face I to my pillow and started biting it trying to muffle my screaming. He wasn't stopping, instinctively I tried shouting my safe word but he ignored it and he kept whacking away. I was kicking and screaming and it seemed like it would never end. I don’t know how long it lasted but I finally broke into sobbing but he still kept whipping my ass hard and fast. When he finally stopped I was bawling so hard I was hiccup crying and my eyes were all puffy and stinging as tears were flowing. I just laid there sobbing. I couldn’t believe I was actually able to will myself to accept it. Its was pure release. am I the only who likes getting spanked so hard?


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