Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sorry it's been awhile since I posted

Wow life passes by quick.  Ive been so busy and everytime I go to post something I forget.  I've been getting emails from people too.  I just started this to write out stuff and didn't expect anyone to follow this or write comments.

So I guess I should update on what's been happening.  It felt strange at first to keep myself totally shaved between my legs but it is totally worth it.  Daddy really like the 69 position and I can't beleive how many times he makes me cum when he likes me.  It makes me want to pleasure him more and more.

Daddy likes to keep my bottom red so every few days now I get what he calls a maintenance spanking.  I don't mind at all because it pleases me to know I'm pleasing him and doing what he wants.  I think the only thing that's been strange still is when me and mom are going down on him together.  She'll lick one side of his cock and I'll like the other and sometimes our tongues touch. That's weird.

Daddy sure has an imagination when it comes to a lot of things.  I'll be somewhere now and when I here a bell I look for daddy.  Before I knew what the bell was for I remember mom doing the same thing and she'd tell me never mind when I asked her why she was jumpy when she heard one ring.

Getting spanked now always leads to getting fucked, fingerfucked or tongued to bliss by daddy and I don't think I could ever live without it now.  When I'm on my knees getting fucked from behind with my bottom flaming hot and daddy pumping away I can't beleive how fan fucking tastic it is!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Special Training day

So out of the blue, just before bedtime, daddy has me lay across his lap on the couch and begins spanking my naked bottom.  While he's spanking, actually lightly, mommy is standing in the livingroom telling me that after the spanking I'm to get on my knees and give daddy a handjob.  When he's ready there will be a surprise.

The surprise was mommy getting behind me and holding my mouth open when daddy came.  For the first time I got to taste his load, and swallow to.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

At His Service

My new saying this week has been "At your service".  Daddy comes home from work and sits in his chair and my first job is to take his shoes off his tired feet and say At your service.  If he wants anything then I get it or do it.  At first it was odd to say it but after you say it 10 or 20 times it doesn't seem so strange.

Daddy likes me to not have any panties on by the time he gets home and I absolutely can't have any panty lines.  I made that mistake by taking my panties off just before he walked in the door and he asked me how long I had had my panties off and told him hours.  Well it didn't click in my brain that there would be panty lines on my ass to prove I was lying.  And lying, believe me, is not what you want to do with daddy.

When he gets home from his long day he likes to relax for about a half hour or so and then do stuff around the house until dinner is ready.  Then it's my job to let him know dinner is ready.  You wouldn't know what goes on in our house just by visiting.  For the most part our home is normal.  Whatever normal is these days?  I have a good friend how ran away from home a few years back because her mother was abusive and you would never have known she was that way.  I haven't seen her for some time.  I get spanked a lot more now but I actually want it even when I don't.  I know that sounds crazy and maybe I am a bit but to feel daddy's big strong calised hand on my bottom makes me so wet it's embarassing sometimes.

Last night was movie night and we watched an old movie called "Airport" with actors in it that I think are all dead now.  It was actually pretty good.  About halfway through daddy had mommy going down on him and I was watching her do that while trying to pay attention to the movie too.  I'm still only allowed to give daddy handjobs and it's driving me crazy.  I want to feel him in my mouth like you can't believe.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The adventure continues

Everythings been going really good with my training and life in general.  Mommy says things have been lighter for her now that I've taken on responsibilities with household things and daddy.  I didn't realize how much there was to do.  I've gotten a lot better at handjobs now.  I should, I do it anywhere from once to three times a day.  A lot of times it's just enough to get daddy nice and hard and then mom either takes over or daddy ends up fucking mommy.

Last night I got in the shower with daddy and lathered him up and all.  I have to say that my thought of being with a man instead of a boyfriend my age was right.  Men know what they want and there are a whole lot of creative things we do that I don't think I would be learning with a boyfriend.  Guys my age don't know as much about stuff and there would be to much clumsiness.  Oh I almost got spanked yesterday and didn't.  But I'm thinking today I'm going to pretend to forget to do the same thing again so I can get spanked.  Pretty strange I know but I especially like spankings when I want them.  Not so much when I don't want them but I still accept them.  Does that sound strange?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Training is everything

I've been so buzy i haven't had time to write.  I didn't know there were so many ways to give a proper handjob.  Until I get that right I won't be able to give blowjobs.  I've been getting spanked lately everyday but it's worth it i think.  I feel like I'm living a totally different life now.  I feel wanted and needed finally.  Along with my regular house chores I also have to watch training clips on handjobs.  There are so many ways to do it.

There also needs to be just the right amount of oil.  Not to much or it slips out of my hand and when that happens I get a spanking.  Not enough oil and that's not good either.

I've learned attitude is everything.  It's not just how you stroke but the way you do it.  If you do it with the attitude that it's really not what you want to be doing at the time that not only gets you spanked but it takes a little longer to really get him hard.

Most of the videos I'm watching are from a site on the pictures.  I'm not allowed to search for the site and I can only watch videos I'm told to watch so I wonder if theres more to it.  It's really hard to do it when I'm sitting on daddy's face and he's licking me.  I didn't know I could cum so many times.  But I'd say I get spanked the most in this position because I have trouble consecrating while my clit is being tonged.  I guess that's why it's called training.

I've got to go so I don't get caught writing.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Daddy's Dirty Girl 3

I just can't tell you how awkward it was to eat sit down for dinner and eat with no clothes on.  It wasn't long and there we were passing around the food, eating and calmly talking about how things were going to be from now on.  I did my best to explain how boys didn't interest me, only men and how I'd had more than a crush on daddy sense the first time mom introduced him to me.  We finished lunch and started clearing the table and I started noticing I didn't feel odd without clothes anymore.  Dad had things to do in the garage so he went to change his clothes while mommy started going over the NEW rules of the house.

First, she said we were going to try this out and see how it goes.  Mommy said that she could tell for some time now that my innocent flirting with daddy was more than the "safe experimentation" girls do with there dads as a way of gaining attention.  Whatever?  So we'd be in what's called a poly household where we'd both be, mom and me, sharing duties and all, and daddy.  I finally got to put at least panties and a T-shirt on when daddy walked by to go outside he told me to put them on.  My heart was starting to pound because this was all so new.  I didn't think of this kind of thing happening at all.  I didn't know about it except hearing about Mormons you know?

So mom said she'd be giving daddy the mature woman he needs in his life and I'd be giving him the youthful quirky girl joy toy.  Whatever.  Mom said she convinced daddy to do this because, even though she thought he would never stray, this would keep him from ever giving it a thought.

First though we sat down and had to come up with a stupid contract thing saying that no one is forcing me to be in this kind of relationship and that daddy never touched me when I was a minor.  Shit, i didn't know him when I was a minor.  That must have taken a couple hours to write up.  Somewhere in those hours mom talked about how this kind of thing was more socially accepted than people want to admit. Or maybe not publicly socially accepted but that it happened far more than people realize.  She said farmers, ranchers or even traveling salesmen would leave home with the oldest daughter while the wife stayed home with the rest of the kids and took care of them and the homestead, ranch, farm, house whatever.  The daughter's duties included, cooking, cleaning, making each stop as comfortable as possible and providing conversation and "physical" comfort too.

So just when my bottom starts to feel better daddy comes in from the garage to pee, comes out of the bathroom, back into the kitchen and without warning pulls down my panties and starts spanking again.  While that's happening he tells me this will be going on for the rest of the day.  This time though, after I'm standing rubbing my ass and crying again daddy puts his hands on my checks, face checks, and gives me a little kiss and walks back into the garage.  Mom said, see how things are going to change.  A big change too was that I wasn't going to be told anymore what I needed to do around the house.  From now on, according to the contract, mom had her chores and I had mine.  If she didn't do hers she'd get spanked by daddy like she does anyway when she doesn't do them and I now have mine.  So the big difference is she's not going to tell me to do something like the dishes.  If the dishes aren't done, because they're part of my chores now, then I'm gonna get it from daddy.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Daddy's Dirty Girl 2

Daddy put his hands on my shoulders and pushed to stand back but when he did that I slipped my hands up to his ass and clung on tight.  He stopped trying to push me away but said we can't have this young lady.  Or something like that.  I pulled my head back to look up and answer "have what"? like i didn't know what he was talking about.  When I did I noticed that my tears pretty much soaked his crotch making it look like he wet himself.  He reached down and helped me to my feet and told me to put my panties and shoes back on and then go to the ladies room and fix my face.  Daddy grabbed his jacket from the chair, put it on and you couldn't see his tear soaked crotch anymore.  We didn't say a word walking back to the back door of the church either.  I went straight to the bathroom and dad I think went to put the key back in the pastor's office.

As the gathering went on after church my bottom seemed to get worse and I totally avoided sitting.  I'm pretty sure there were more than a couple of people there who knew what happened.  In fact a lot more I think because no one bothered to ask me to sit down while they were sitting and I was standing.  On the ride home no one said anything.  I had a feeling I was in for another spanking again but I was to afraid to ask or say anything that might make things worse.  Every Sunday after church dad goes around the back of the house and pull out the trash and recycle cans and puts them on the street in front of the house because Monday's trash day.  This Sunday he did the same thing.  The second mom and I entered the house and she closed the door she pointed to my room and told me to go to my room and take off EVERY stitch of clothing I had on and that I'd better be naked by the time daddy came back in the house.  My room is in the front of the house and I could see dad just pulling the first can to the street so I knew I had at least a little time.  I didn't take any chances though and pealed everything off like mommy told me to.

I had no idea what to think would happen.  I couldn't imagine anything happening good or bad because I was to frozen in the moment of it all.  A kind of calm came over me and I thought daddy would be coming in and using his belt because he didn't give me my second spanking in the shed.  Then my mind raced as I looked around and thought I'd better tighty up my room so he doesn't have more of a reason to give me more of a spanking than I already have coming. Then the door almost burst open with mom coming in, pointing her finger at me and saying, "your going to get all the cloths and towels and start laundry now."  I looked at her surprised as hell and asked if I should put my cloths on now or what?  Mommy said today your wearing nothing until you're told to wear something.  Then she slammed the door without giving me a chance to ask what the hell was going on.  She got half way down the hall and yeld, You better get a move on.

It was pretty weird going around the house with nothing on and gathering up all the clothes.  Fortunetly every place I had to go to get clothes had either no windows or windows with closed curtains.  By the time I got the first load in mom called me into the kitchen.  As I came out of the hall which leads to the livingroom I could see daddy sitting on the couch watching T.V.  I quickly put my arms around my chest and dashed into the kitchen thinking I guess he wouldn't notice.  We always have roast on Sundays and when we get home the house is filled with that wonderful smell.  I had to set the table and doing it naked was strange.  I made the mistake of asking mom if I could put on a T-shirt at least and she called daddy into the kitchen to tell him what I'd asked for.  Daddy bent me over right there and gave my already sore bottom about 6 or so swats with my hands on the counter and told me I was to do what I was told and only what I was told.  I made up my mind then and there I wasn't going to open my mouth and ask anymore questions.  After daddy went back in the livingroom mommy whispered that we'd me discussing my behavior and what I said in the shed while we were eating and that it would be an interesting lunch.

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